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About Us

01 ⎮ Our Story


Blossom Fighting Cancer, founded in the early months of 2020, is an association which aims to represent and exhibit artists who have dealt with cancer, in order to raise awareness and educate on the illness. Aware of the multiple issues linked to museums and galleries of which can be mentioned accessibility and the - sometimes - the lack of narratives, Marine Lallouette-Pignan imagined a concept that would facilitate the access to exhibition spaces to starting artists that create for means of therapy. Through their stories, Marine Lallouette-Pignan hoped to inspire, impact and move others, while at the same time trying to encourage galleries to look for artists in places they do not think of at first such as hospitals, art therapy classes, associations.


As qualified for the role was Blossom Fighting Cancer's founder, building the association was not an easy task, trying to bring to life the first exhibition of the company in the times of an unprecedented pandemic, forcing entire industries to stay out of action. Yet, Blossom Fighting Cancer's first edition managed to take life in September 2020, through the inaugural exhibition 'Blossom', hosted in Paris.


02 ⎮ Our Founder

Marine Lallouette-Pignan, the founder of Blossom Fighting Cancer, is a young curator in her 20's who graduated from the Institute of Superior Studies in Art in Paris (Bachelors in Expertise and Art Business with a specialisation in paintings and visual arts) and the University of Westminster in London (Masters in Museum, Galleries and Contemporary Culture). In these first four years of studies, she acquired the knowledge of art, building herself a 'connoisseurs' eye while studying expertise, but also curating, during her first master degree. Besides working for Blossom, Marine Lallouette-Pignan remains currently a student, attending the Sotheby's Institute of Art in London (Masters in Art Business). 

03 ⎮ Our Concept

In these terms, Blossom Fighting Cancer is a gallery without permanent walls, offering representation and advice to artists hoping to introduce them and their battle to the art world. Not having permanent walls is one of the guiding principles of the association, having the intention to stage its yearly exhibition in a new city, every edition.

Blossom Fighting Cancer, by operating as an association, raises funds for artists and cancer charities through the sale of their artworks and merchandising. Therefore, the association counts on funding to function.

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