About Blossom

BLOSSOM's principle is to exhibit the art of people who are dealing with or who have dealt with cancer. 

Our Concept

We often tend to forget how lucky we are to have a roof above our heads, to have the opportunity to study and more importantly to be healthy. Conscient of this, BLOSSOM has in mind to curate its first exhibition on a meaningful cause, which is cancer. 

Observing that the art industry is a very difficult environment to access - BLOSSOM would like to give the opportunity to people to see their works hanged, even though they do not consider themselves as artists. Today, finances are at the heart of most exhibitions and galleries, where the principal aim of exhibiting is to sell artworks. Yet, artworks have much more to offer than aesthetics and could benefit to many narratives. In this way, when art is made for success or to be sold, BLOSSOM would like to encourage its visitors to think about art and it's significance.


The power of art is such that it is accessible to all and people from all over the world may practice it. Art has also a healing dimension: it was proven that art could be helpful in going through difficult moments in life and could bring peace of mind to one another. To show this aspect of art, BLOSSOM has for main idea to work with people sick from cancer and curate an exhibition that will raise awareness around this illness and the road to recovery through their art. 

In this way, the point of BLOSSOM would be to give to sick and cured patients the chance to invest themselves in something that they had probably never thought on doing during or after their time in the hospital, but also the recount their stories to others. 

Why 'Blossom' ?

'Blossom' is the shortened name of our brand, which is 'Blossom Fighting Cancer'. Our name is associated with nature and the passing of time. When a flower comes to blossom, it is because it has come to a certain time of the year where it does. For most plants, this time comes during spring. 

Fighting cancer takes time and is an easy process. Yet, we can connect this fight to this phenomenon on many points. After going through chemotherapy, the lost hair grows again, just like flowers do in the spring. Life after cancer is also a form of rebirth - most see their lives changed after this experience, hence the link between both.


Thinking about the relation between art and cancer could also be associated to blossom: art can be the guide to this blossom. 


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