Eileen Powers

American artist, Eileen Powers is known for her photographs she has been taking for decades, but also for her project called ‘Can you make hair for me?’ aiming to help her regain her identity after being diagnosed with cancer in 2018. She invited artists, friends and supporters to find ways to make hair for her to wear, style and photograph, with the ultimate viewing venue being social media. The activity of making hair for her created a bridge of conversation, activity and creativity between her healthy friends and herself; having others photograph her adding more dimension to the collaboration. For Eileen, the physical creation of the hair is the real artwork and the photographs a record of the final outcome. At this date, she has over 70 heads of hair made mostly by others and some by herself, as she hopes to have someday a total of 100. Her hope through such a project is to spread joy and levity to those going through chemotherapy. We can heal through art and make joy for others.

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