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American artist, Eileen Powers is a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator. With a bachelor degree in creative professions and a master de- gree in advertising design, Eileen was trained in the studios of major American photographers such as Constantine Manos, Greg Miller, John Paul Caponigro, Stella Johnson and Terry Abrams. She is particularly known on the North American continent for her photographs but also for her project “Can you make hair for me? Initiated in 2018 after being diagnosed with blood cancer (lymphoma).

"Can you make hair for me?" is a collaborative project which aims to bring joy and lightness to people who - just like Eileen – are facing, or have faced, cancer and have been through the hardship that chemotherapy can entail. The idea of the artist is to invite other artists, friends or just supporters to find ways to make her hair to wear, style and photograph. The activity of making hair for herself has created a bridge for conversation, activity and creativity between her friends and herself; but also a means of collaboration between her and other photographers. For Eileen, the physical creation of «hair» is the real work of art and the photographs a recording of the end result.

Initially begun in order to regain her identity after her hair loss due to her chemotherapy, the project now includes 80 heads of hair, all worn and photographed by the artist. Her goal is to one day reach a total of 100 caps. By her work, the message is simple: We can heal through art and bring joy to others.

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