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Franco-Danish illustrator Eric Hyllemose I a great lover of Art, particularly fond of music, photography and drawing which he practices intensely in his spare time. From his passions, he was drawn to the field of middle design in which he hopes to flourish in the future.

Self-taught, Eric has been drawing since his earliest childhood. From early on, he took pleasure in filling his notebooks with small sketches and hence, with time, came his desire to improve his craft. In search of a style that suited him, Eric tackled body mastery at first and found that not only did it create great satisfaction but also fun after a long day.

Although the artist has at first glance what we could qualify as a simple style, the multiple black and fine lines which constitute his drawings make them all the more complex. The artist’s inspiration is drawn from his experiences and memories. Drawing invokes nostalgia in the face of past, distant or close moments.

Eric is cancer-free today and finds himself brought up by this experience which taught him to always go beyond his limits and not to give up, including his practice of drawing despite hardships.

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