Helen Lack

British artist, Helen Lack is known for her large formats and statement art. She has a unique style which is energetic, individual and vibrant with an urban edge. Her work has been described as having a richness of colours with a Pollock style, depicting the Abstract Expressionist movement. Helen paints by combining many layers and thick brushstrokes using mixed media and drip techniques. She conveys emotion in all her works, which is received by the viewer as intriguing and involving. Some of her artworks can be interpreted easily by the viewer and others have hidden meanings. Helen was diagnosed in 2020 with triple-negative breast cancer, an uncommon type of cancer where the cancer cells do not have receptors for estrogen, progesterone and the Her2 protein. Terrified by the disease at first, Helen turned towards her brushes to release her emotions and thoughts, but towards photography and writing as well. Each medium used became an emotional outlet. Despite her illness, she continues to create and shares about her journey in the most original way - keeping in mind the quote "I will paint my way through this".

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