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As a self-taught British artist, Helen Lack is known for her large formats as well as her opinionated art. Living and working in a studio located an hour away from the English capital, in the province of Hertfordshire, she takes advantage of the calm it provides to create shelter from chaos.

Her paintings, while vibrant and energetic, by the richness of their colours are a tribute to the master of American Abstract Expressionism – Jackson Pollock - who influenced her technically; but also to Claude Monet - through the representation of nature and the endless flow of time. Passionate about the environment, the artist draws from the world surrounding her, which she first captures through photography.

Helen Lack’s creative process is extremely rapid: before giving her first brushstroke on her canvas, she imagines a theme she would like to represent, prepares a colour palette and then gives place to her imagination. By combining multiple layers of paints and thick brushstrokes, Helen Lack attempts to share her deepest emotions. To do so, the artist often adds words to her painting, in order to underline the nature of her subject.

In 2020, Helen Lack was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Terrified of illness at first glance, Helen took refuge in painting, photography and writing. Despite the illness, Helen continues to create and share her struggle in the most original ways.

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