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Born and raised in India, Ishita Banerjee has been living and practising art in Canada for more than a decade.

Holder of both a Bachelor and a Master degree in Fine Arts, Ishita has always been an artist. Her illustrations and paintings all show her great appreciation for colours and abstraction, even though she has a penchant for dark lines.

Ishita finds her inspiration in the world that surrounds her: Human interactions, emotions and feelings shared by all, reflecting the core essence of humanity. Through her combination of lines and shapes, Ishita tends to send us back to past emotions that can be seen and felt between her lines. She strives to give tangible forms to complex emotions such as grief, longing, loss, love or suffering.

After being diagnosed in 2017 with Thyroid Cancer, art took a whole new meaning for the artist who had lost her voice. Creating became her coping mechanism while art and painting a distraction from her everyday life. From then on, she started to draw human figures with tangled vocal cords, her loss reflecting in her practice. This pe- riod also brought her to experiment new medias, techniques and abstracts. Shades of black, smoky grey’s and deep tones were predominant colours in her work which became the constant reflection of her desolation, devastation and hopelessness.

Today, Ishita is cancer-free but her art still echoes this difficult period of her life, while also evolving towards empathetic, open, creative and resilient emotions.

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