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The self-taught French painter Mélody Larcher discovered the practice of painting no less than two years ago.

Favouring the technique of "pouring" to achieve her works, she has seen the improvement of her technique over time. Willing to share the fruits of her task with the public, it occurred to her to imagine a project that would emerge from this practice to help other women in her situation, having been suffering from cancer for nearly a decade."L’art rose" was born from this idea, as an association towards the goal of financially helping women who’s feminity had been stolen by illness.

Mélody Larcher’s canvases are recognizable by the rainbow of colours they represent and her inspiration from the natural elements, all of whom that are represented in paintings such as l’Agathe, le Métallique, the Terrestre, Purple River, Jupiter and many more.

In this way, Art has become a sanctuary and an outlet for Mélody, who had to follow countless cycles of chemotherapy and operations through the years, including the total removal of both breasts in 2014 and the appearance of metastases in the bones in 2016.

Experiencing the disease not only changed her life, but it also led her to change mentally, now prioritizing her time, knowing that every minute counts.

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