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  • French painter, Mélody Larcher is at the head of her own association, named ‘L’art rose’ - association aiming to help others who just like her, have dealt with cancer. The idea of creating such an association came to her mind as she started to paint one year back, watching tutorials on the internet, wanting to pour her feelings on canvases and face rainbow of colours that people would be able to identify to. Proud of her productions, she thought she could sell them to bring financial support to others who could be in need - facing numerous medical bills and having no solutions in the background. Quickly, art became a sanctuary for Mélody but also an outlet, helping her in her fight against cancer. Mélody has been fighting cancer for years now, having to endure rounds of chemotherapy and uncountable operations. Experiencing the illness not only changed her life but brought her to change mentally, privileging from now on her time, knowing that every minute counts.  

    Size: 30x40cm

    Material: Mixed Media on Canvas

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