Valérie Legrand

French photographer and writer, Valérie Legrand has dedicated herself to her passion since her youngest age, carried by her emotions. Staging her interior life and making her loved ones participate is a common trait of her practice, aiming to show through writing and black and white images her strengths and weaknesses. Valérie started to write as she was diagnosed with her first breast cancer in 2011, encouraged by a dear friend named Caroline. Putting in writing her thoughts was way to evacuate her darkest thoughts facing the illness, but also to recount what she was living. As for her photographs, main thematics that can be found are the capture of time and the representation of the human body - changing as time flies. All bring her to release from her feelings and to move forward, embracing her scars. Looking back, cancer has removed all possible complexes Valérie may have had, making the slightest bit of judgment meaningless. 

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